Elevate Your Conative Grid


Words: Andre ZIZI

To succeed in life, you ought to listen intensely to your inner voice, define and also get connected to your conative compass. This is best achieved by comparing the following characteristics of conation with your personality.

Next? You should identify areas of improvement and implement new characteristics of conation.

The psychology of self-employment and rapid planning method, it is rightly said, must first begin with the self. It should be followed with self-assessment, earmarking areas of strength and areas that require extra positive instinctual inputs. This will increase that burning, and also sometimes latent, flame of your desire that comprehend the psychological components of success and study it.

Anthony Robbins can’t be possibly wrong when they say that you should ‘swot up’ wealth. After all, you have studied other subjects to be where you are now.

This led me to spend some time studying philosophy and the psychology of teaching. Now, it is about time to study success.

Seek Knowledge

I have sought knowledge from different sources. To name a few: Napoleon Hill and Robbins. They paint a great picture of success; they take us by the hand, and show us the mind-map of success.

It’s only apparent that success literature in my ‘Freedom Education Books’ foster creativity, empowerment, and openness to diverse perspectives through our own conation. This is a vital tool; it helps us to use our instincts to success

No matter where you are right now, at zero-point, half-way, or growing, you can never know it all. So, when you put in your 100 per cent, you and your business will grow exponentially. Add to this another fact: there’s always a flux in the Universe, and our ideas and our knowledge, now expand into infinity. But, there is, however, as you’d know, something always missing to access the full package too.

One way to ensure that your business grows exponentially is thinking big, because your soul is big and infinite. Rather than creating one income, we should have ten deals going on at the same time. Your primary focus should at least be on two top residual incomes, while you are nurturing the others just as strategically as well.

Momentum Is Absolute

Every successful entrepreneur will tell you that momentum is absolute in business — also, most of us fall under the criteria cited elsewhere for conation.

Innovators, for example, have access to intuition, they use their emotions, they are always inquisitive, and they get things done. Their mental focus is sharp; they understand the laws of momentum, and, therefore, they seek and set short-, medium-, and long-term goals. Their mind is always looking for relevant knowledge in their areas of interest, committed as they are to a focused vision. In addition, they are independent, morally accountable, and also demand more of themselves than from anyone else.

Of course, the story doesn’t end here. There are constant fun duties and obligations we all need to fulfil. Hence, we must treat ourselves with a sense of joy.

So, don’t you take yourself too seriously, because setbacks are bound to happen. This only means that you’d do well to celebrate moments of setbacks and also victory.

Your projects, or daily tasks, should be fun-packed adventures, no less — beginning from brain entrainment, physical exercise, diet, execution of work process, taking action, more action, looking at results, reflecting, and evaluating, to determining the next action — i.e., winning along the way.

ANDRE ZIZI is a neuro-philosopher, qualified teacher, writer, and author of The Spiritual Psychology of the Science of Money-Phology. He lives in the UK.

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