‘Don’t Hurry. Never Worry’

Rekha SHANDILYA responds to ThinkWellness360 questionnaire. 

Your view on beauty?

Beauty, in my view, is a refined, three-in-one expression of our mind, body and soul. It’s reflects in our personality. It is, of course, not limited to our physical appearance. It is representative of our confidence, compassion, warmth and positivity. The sheer impact of beauty stays forever, primarily because age is just a number. Beauty is nothing but our ‘inner you.’ It is what we feel from the depths of our soul. The best thing to do is to be ‘as you are, who you are,’ and not what you may be, or could be. Never pretend, because it is, I believe, not the true ‘make-up’ of your countenance. It is a false maquillage. It does not represent your soul which defines your beauty — like what it is, as it is.

Your ‘take’ on fitness?

The first happiness, as my mom often says, is being healthy. Health is a way of life; also, the art and science of life. It is also, I believe, psychological well-being — one that allows us to live life at its optimum level, personally, professionally and socially. For a teacher like me, being fit and healthy ‘ups’ my bearings, for a long workday. In other words, it keeps me active. This spills over my daily chores. Being fit does not always mean rigorous exercises. On the contrary, it is simply awareness, the prudence to allocate your 24 hours for healthy habits, viz., figuring out the right food choices, doing pranayama to energise your body and soul, moving and keeping your mind occupied with constructive thoughts, and ‘burning’ what you eat. When you fill in your day doing these little things consistently, you will achieve not only good health, but also optimal wellness.

Your view of health and wellness?

Health and wellness are inter-related; also, inseparable. They are like the two sides of the same coin. Wellness is a holistic view of the different dimensions of our life — physical, mental, social, professional, spiritual and emotional elements. To achieve balance, you not only need your intellect, but also preparedness, along with a proactive underpinning. A sustained state of physical and physiological health, which we call immunity, gives us enough room to cope with the ups and downs of life, and not necessarily illness. This is what that helps us enjoy optimal wellness. Don’t hurry, but make haste smartly. Also, never worry. This is, of course, easier said than done. The key, of course, is to be focused. Don’t be complacent — even if you’re in the pink of health. Go for regular, routine check-ups. They help to decode your body signals and attend to any glitches promptly. Relax and enjoy every bit of your life. The daily affirmation — ‘I am healthy, I am happy,’ is more than useful. A feeling of satisfaction, with a sense of gratitude, not only gives us tremendous strength, it also helps us to propel the credo — “May all be happy, free from disease, witness to all auspicious events, and never a part of sorrow.”

Your ‘take’ on work-life balance?

As a management student, and now a professional teacher, I adopt its principles to strike the ‘right’ balance between my personal and professional life. Put simply, this translates to framing short-, medium- and long-term plans on either side of the spectrum, besides scheduling my activities — the quintessential element for smooth functioning and also balance. This obviously helps us to keeping our stresses at bay and having a buffer for contingencies. Yet another thing I do is to understand the scope of my assignments, so as to be selective and knowing when to say ‘no.’ Not pushing myself beyond a certain limit, while taking care not to miss my priorities, and having quality time with my family — that’s my watchword. Teaching is my passion, yes, but not at the cost of my health and family life.

Your mantra to beat stress?

Stress is ubiquitous — so much so, no one is exempt from it. Stress is a state of not being able to cope with the given, or not given, situation. It’s elastic in nature, like the rubber band. The more you stretch it, the worse it hits you when released. Stress is a serious threat to our wellness. When we learn to deal with it well, we ‘master’ the art of living. What causes stress may be known, or unknown. When stress has a known, or unknown connotation, just plan and act. Or, seek guidance from friends and elders. You’d also self-affirm that, “I will do my best, and god will take care of the rest.” When I’m stressed I just refuel my energies through music, meditation, gardening, arts and craft, or cooking. Remember: it’s always your perception that matters most. Either you get stressed, or stay calm, and positive. Also, try to be a solution-seeker. This will make things better for you and also others around you. 

REKHA SHANDILYA, MCom, ACMA, PGDCA, SET, who works as visiting faculty for under-grad and post-grad students, at two colleges, has over two decades of professional teaching experience. She’s also a doting homemaker, who makes time for her family, aside from her favourite hobbies, viz., music, arts and craft, gardening, and cooking — but, not always in the same order. She lives in Navi Mumbai, India.

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