Dance Calms Me

Disha PATANI on beauty, fitness, health and wellness.

Disha Patani loves dancing — she reckons dance is the most important component of her daily fitness routine. When she featured with Jackie Chan in Kung Fu Yoga, she learnt a new dance form, square dancing, while shooting for the movie in China — a form of dance-exercise routine where one performs to music at squares, plazas, or gardens. She loved the practice — she also said that it had a calming effect on her mind, just like meditation, aside from its wholesome fitness benefits.

Your view on beauty? 

I feel true beauty lies in embracing one’s natural beauty and taking care of the skin. I think that one should follow a skincare routine that suits their skin type and boosts their self-confidence. I believe in holistic beauty and skincare that is safe and useful to impart that special glow — whatever one’s skin type.

Your ‘take’ on fitness? 

I’m a zealous dancer and a trained gymnast too. I’m totally committed to my fitness regimen and I seldom miss out my gym sessions. I make it a point to hit the gym at least 4-5 times a week, come what may. My regular workout regimen includes cardio — running on the treadmill for about an hour — and, lifting light weights. If I skip my gym routine, for whatever reason, I prefer a treadmill excursion at home — a session that extends for one hour. I also practice yoga for about an hour, every day.

Your view of health and wellness?

Health and wellness are the two sides of the same coin. They make a fine balance. You ought to make H&W a priority all through life.

  • I eat a well-balanced and proper diet, along with her regular exercise sessions — because, the two go hand-in-hand
  • My breakfast consists of two eggs with toast and a glass of milk. The other option I take is —mixed cereals with a glass of fruit juice
  • For lunch, I’ve two chapattis, sabzi, a bowl of fruit salad with a glass of juice, or a mixed ‘smorgasbord’ of healthy choices
  • My evening snack is: almonds, or peanuts
  • For dinner, I take a bowl of soup and brown rice with dal. 

Your ‘take’ on work-life balance? 

Work is important, doubtless, but one can end up neglecting family and friends in the bargain. So, I have resolved not to let that happen. I maintain my work-life balance by taking time out for people who matter the most to me.

Your mantra to beat stress? 

I find dance more than fun, also calming. Dancing is my mantra to beating stress. It works. It also helps to break the monotony of my fitness regime which, I agree, is, at times, awfully hectic.

DISHA PATANI is a rare talent: she has a strong physique and, of course, stunning beauty that is as fresh as the early morning dew. The first runner-up of Femina Miss India 2013, Disha made her Bollywood debut with Neeraj Pandey’s movie, based on the life and times of the one-and-the-only M S Dhoni. She played the role of Priyanka, the cricketer’s girlfriend, who sadly dies in a car crash. She fully lived and justified the role. Patani lives in Mumbai, India. This piece has been collated and curated from material available on the ‘Net [Disha Patani. Photo, CourtesyPixelz].

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