Chemical Dyes Can Detect Presence Of Homeopathic High Dilutions

Words: Drs Alexander L TOURNIER & Dr Rachel ROBERTS

During the manufacture of homeopathic medicines, a starting solution containing the source substance, e.g., plant material, is subjected to multiple steps of dilution and ‘succussion’ [agitation]. This process, known as ‘potentisation,’ is considered to be key to the production of preparations which are biologically active, even at high dilution. However, the exact molecular and sub-molecular changes that occur during potentisation remain unknown. To address this knowledge gap, a new physico-chemical experiment has been developed by Dr Steven Cartwright, PhD. Using the unique properties of solvatochromic dyes, Dr Cartwright was able to detect the presence of homeopathically diluted substances in solution and begin to shed light on their physico-chemical properties.

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