‘Being Mindful Is My Biggest Hack’

Jiss JOSE responds to ThinkWellness360 questionnaire.

Your view on beauty?

Beauty, I believe, has more to do with attitude than just physical attributes. The right mind-set to life defines beauty to me. I find beauty in every moment of our journey of creation — from ideation to culmination. I try to find beauty in just about every little thing happening around me — in people, also nature, including a few seemingly mundane things. Every victory, small, or big, is beautiful to me. Every effort, likewise, that makes life a little better is beautiful to me too.

Your ‘take’ on fitness?

Being fit is predominantly a state of mind, where one’s physical, mental and spiritual well-being are in accord with each other. I’m hooked to my morning walk — it is a ritual I religiously practice, followed by a basic workout at home. Your body is the biggest gift, a temple, you are endowed with; it deserves due respect and care. Treat it right and it stays well and in harmonious balance.

Your view of health and wellness?

Health is usually defined as a state of the body and wellness of being. While it’s extremely crucial for us to keep our bodies free of sickness and disease, staying calm and practicing gratitude is one habit I mindfully relate to. I try to eat right, stay hydrated, and prioritise my good eight hours of sleep, ‘eight days a week,’ as the Beatles crooned, so to speak. I am just as riveted, and in sync, with my bio-clock to align my sleep patterns. Diet is another element I’m fussy about too. Mental and emotional health is especially relevant in these times, more so with that ubiquitous fad, FOMO, taking one’s stress levels to a new high. As tough as it may sound though, I try to tackle things by being mindful in the present and enjoy it too in the process.

Your ‘take’ on work-life balance?

For an entrepreneur, it is a tough task, also ask, to draw a line, or compartmentalise between work and life, and vice versa. More so, with smartphones invading every moment of our lives, including time ‘off-work,’ which, in reality, is not actually ‘off-work.’ There are regular instances where I have to make myself available on call for priority tasks and this, for sure, takes a toll during a quiet getaway, or family vacation. As a rule of the thumb, I ensure I make it up during weekends where my family gets the priority. I am also part of a few social endeavours that demand my time and attention as well — so, every week, in effect, needs to be planned well, while I’m organising my office, home and other initiatives.

Your mantra to beat stress?

I consider myself extremely blessed to have been able to pursue my dreams — to be able to create a difference and add value in my own little ways to folks around me. I draw inspiration from great men and women who have walked the path, also the talk, before me, and left an indelible mark on the innumerable lives they have touched. I guess each of us has our own ways to dealing with stress. My principle has always been to giving my one hundred per cent, when I am at it, and moving on to the next. If you are true to yourself, results will naturally follow. Being mindfully involved in whatever I do is the biggest hack I have figured out to enjoying even the most boring of tasks. Having said that, there are definitely challenges on a regular basis that leave me perplexed. I also place equal emphasis on my ‘me-time,’ everyday, just as much as a few minutes of good time I spend with my daughter — to unwind and gear up to face every situation that presents itself.

JISS JOSE, Co-Founder of Concerto Software and Systems — a centre of excellence in secure and reliable e-payments and related systems — is an inveterate technology enthusiast. He has not only been instrumental in merging agility and innovation to offerings from his company, but has also contributed substantially to transaction processing and the switching industry. He lives in Navi Mumbai, India.

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