‘Being Fit Is My Mojo’

Dhara KANABAR responds to ThinkWellness360 questionnaire. 

Your view on beauty?

Beauty, for me, is something that is all-pervading. It’s also an attribute that cannot be restricted exclusively to societal standards, or norms, viz., external charisma, or allure. Each and every living being, or every non-animate thing, in my view, has some, or the other, form of beauty to behold and cherish.

Your ‘take’ on fitness?

As the oft-used platitude, or cliché, goes — fitness is, doubtless, my mojo, also mantra, in life. I have been lucky to stand atop two majestic Himalayan peaks. This, I firmly believe, has been possible because of my steadfast fitness programme. I wish to continue my Himalayan ‘conquest,’ also journey, for as long as possible, and so long as optimal fitness continues to play an important part in my life. Agreed, that, I too struggle with the motivation and time element to work out every other day, like most people do, but when I get into such a rut, I just pull myself up, shrug my shoulders, and get into my fitness regimen, pronto.

Your view of health and wellness?

I’m a healthcare rehabilitation professional. I have, therefore, seen and worked closely with a number of chronic patients to know, for a fact, that most health conditions can be prevented and also reversed. The healthcare industry too is now witness to a major paradigm shift — it is promoting wellness, just as much as disease management. It’s, as a result, safe to say that we are finally at that point — or, coming quite close to — where our society, at large, understands the importance of health, prevention and wellness, rather than merely focusing on gulping a pill for every ill.

Your ‘take’ on work-life balance?

I’m a hard-core workaholic. I don’t give a damn [no pun intended] to work-life balance, as much as I would like to. All the same, I appreciate the clarity of thought and priorities that Generation Z upholds regarding their work-life, also life-work, balance. Having said that, I, of course, don’t miss taking at least a brace of vacations, every year, to pursuing my hobby, also passion, of being close to and savouring the myriad allures, or rainbow synthesis, of nature, as also travelling and trekking.

Your mantra to beat stress?

I perform well under stress and I don’t have any particular need, or mantra, to beating stress. Fortunately, or unfortunately, I have been through multiple ‘ups and downs’ in life. They have honed, also seasoned, me to face and perform capably and calmly under stress. Yet, the fact remains that, at times, I find solace and tranquillity sitting in front of my little temple at home and reflecting, also deflecting, stressful thoughts before they get into the skin of my thought, as it were.

DHARA KANABAR, a healthcare rehabilitation professional-turned-medical marketer and communicator, is the Lead: Medical Communications, at MediaMedic Communications, a GHMC partner agency, who also mentors teams to weave engaging scientific stories that help meet business objectives. Apart from being a passionate long-distance runner, trekker and also traveller, who believes in living life, one day at a time, Kanabar lives with Ravindra, her like-minded soulmate and now husband, in Mumbai, India.

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