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Words: Dr Rajgopal NIDAMBOOR

“Any disease,” as Dr Farzad Farahmand, DC, the American chiropractic, homeopath, and wellness physician, puts it, “is a result of some kind of energy imbalance in the body. The imbalance may be due to either an excess, or a deficiency, of energy in the diseased area. Healing occurs when the energy of the homeopathic remedy resonates with that of the body. Our vital force — the resident healing energy — or, in simple terms, our immunity — is the natural healing energy of the body. The homeopathic remedy with the right frequency of energy can provide a balance, or harmony, in the body, while stimulating, or awakening, the vital force, or the body’s own healing energy to heal the body.

Most philosophers, as Dr Farahmand explains, agree that there is an intelligent energy that is running and maintaining the universe. This energy is found everywhere, in all living and non-living beings. In and around the planets, the stars, the ocean, the animals, etc… It is this invisible energy running in-between and around the living and the non-living beings that is maintaining their health and their existence. For example, the energy that holds and maintains the solar system is magnetic energy.

The human body is similar to the universe. It’s made up of solid matter, such as our vital organs — aside from an intelligent, invisible high frequency energy running in-between those organs in order to maintain their health and function. Any change in the magnetism between the planets in the solar system would disturb the balance and the harmony between the planets and the entire system would collapse. Likewise, any disturbance in the flow of the healing energy responsible to maintain the harmony and function of our body as a whole would result in disease, or illness.

The cause of illness is a disturbance, or disharmony, in that intelligent energy that heals the body. For example, when you get a cut on your skin, the cut heals on its own. As soon as there is a cut, the intelligent energy goes to work and heals the affected area.

When there is a disturbance, weakness, or deficiency of that energy, healing may not take place properly. You can physically apply a medicine, or balm, to the injured area and put a Band-Aid on it hoping it will heal. But, what can really heal the area is the body’s own natural healing power. Homeopathy is considered energy medicine. It’s the energy of the homeopathic remedy, or medicine, that unblocks the flow of the natural healing power of the body.

Homeopathy is a natural, holistic system of medicine, based on the credo that all living beings are animated by a ‘vital force.’ When it is disturbed, illness follows. Homeopathic remedies are energy medicines that vibrate with the body’s vital energy, or life force, and stimulate it — to restore health and well-being. As Dr Samuel Hahnemann, MD, the founder of homeopathy said, “The spirit of the drug acts on the spirit in man.”

That the vital force is intrinsic in all living beings is fundamental to understanding homeopathy. This dynamic force, or Lebenskraft, as Dr Hahnemann called it, in his native German, differentiates a cadaver and a living human being. It always endeavours to bring the body back to optimal health.

“In the healthy condition of man,” as Dr Hahnemann explained, “the spiritual vital force, the dynamism that animates the material body [organism], rules with unbound sway, and retains all the parts of the organism in admirable, harmonious, vital operation, as regards both sensations and functions, so that our indwelling, reason-gifted mind can freely employ this living, healthy instrument for the higher purpose of our existence.”

When we are ‘under the weather,’ or burnt-out, our life force is weak — we are now more susceptible to falling ill. When we are ill, for example, with a cold, or flu, and we don’t do anything except taking rest, we get better on our own — owing to the life force, or our own inner healing power, which is always endeavouring for harmonious balance, or perfection. When the ‘troubled’ being of a patient is appropriately regulated through the administration of the right homeopathic remedy, the individual, or patient, not only experiences the mitigation of symptoms of the illness, but is also ‘pumped’ with a feeling that life is yet again pleasantly surging through them.

Homeopathy recognises the attendance of the healing powers of the body and nature, the vital force, but it is all actually keyed to its entire system through the stimulation of such a natural force. Homeopathic remedies, as already outlined, are energy medicines or energetic/vibrational forces that echo with the life force and motivate it to restore health and well-being.

The doctrine of vitalism has a long history in medicine. Hippocrates, the father of medicine, expanded the idea that it was nature [physis] in the organism that healed the ill-patient. He observed that the physician can only assist the physis through medicine, nutrition and the elimination of waste products, or toxic elements. This doctrine of the vital force was modified by Dr Hahnemann, several centuries later. He thought of the life force as fully active intelligence — which preserved and mended the organism in a dynamic pattern, a vibrant entity that was directed by a self-regulating and self-healing intelligence. He suggested that it was a percept that the physician should fully understand and deduce to healing the sick.

Homeopathy looks at your life events and responses to such events to ‘fix’ where your energy, or life force, has declined. A well-chosen homeopathic remedy is prescribed to release that stagnant energy and put you on the road to recovery and also to becoming one whole — the sum of the parts and part of a healthy whole.

Energy imbalance, or low energy, is a common problem; it is also one of the largest ‘epidemics’ of our busy urban lives, and also times. It is obvious that most of us relate to the frustrating feeling of being tired, or exhausted, despite our best efforts to maintaining good, optimal health.

So, there it is. Whatever the type, or form, of energy aberration, or illness, one may have, or present with, homeopathic treatment offers us and also patients increased energy and motivation levels. The result: a wide-ranging, all-encompassing sense of well-being in the best, safe, and natural manner possible.

Dr RAJGOPAL NIDAMBOOR, PhD, is a wellness physician-writer-editor, independent researcher, critic, columnist, author and publisher. His published work includes hundreds of newspaper, magazine, web articles, essays, meditations, columns, and critiques on a host of subjects, eight books on natural health, two coffee table tomes and an encyclopaedic treatise on Indian philosophy. He is Chief Wellness Officer, Docco360 — a mobile health application/platform connecting patients with Ayurveda, homeopathic and Unani physicians, and nutrition therapists, among others, from the comfort of their home — and, Editor-in-Chief, ThinkWellness360.

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