Alternative Medicine: The Future Is Now

Words: Srikanth NAMPALLY It’s with great pleasure that I welcome you to the 50th issue of our publishing initiative, ThinkWellness360. ThinkWellness360 has been an exciting journey, also experience for us. The e-magazine, as you so well know, is keyed to promoting holistic health and wellness through complementary and alternative medicine [CAM]. First, the fundamentals. It’s

12 Steps To Mindfulness

Photo, Courtesy: Unsplash

Words: Srikanth NAMPALLY We all need balance to cultivate a healthy state of mind as also mindfulness — one that allows us to handle or ‘walk’ comfortably through difficulty, adversity, or chaos. Mindfulness teaches, promotes and expands our balance of mind and also body. It helps us to overcome imbalance, or conflict; it also provides

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