The Pyramid Principle

Words: Kerry DULIN The ancient Egyptians were ingenious. Starting with the solid foundation consisting of multiple and precisely engineered stones layered successively in small increments they built the largest and most enduring structures on Earth. No doubt the Kings and Priests of Egypt consulted the best bodybuilders of the day to arrive at a fundamental

Intensity Is Everything

Words: Kerry DULIN There is an old axiom in bodybuilding that says that ‘strength equals size.’ In other words, as your strength increases there will be a corresponding increase in size as well. On the surface this makes perfect sense. If you can lift more weight, or perform, a greater number of repetitions then you

Nurture Your Muscle Power

Words: Kerry DULIN  The term natural envelops almost every facet of life today — this includes natural muscle building. Here is a clear analysis on what ‘natural’ bodybuilding is and what it is not.  The term natural has undergone multiple revisions in the last few years. New and ‘high-tech’ supplements have blurred the distinction between

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