Homeopathy For Herpes

Words: Dr Julian JONAS Herpes, or shingles, can be one of the most painful illnesses. It begins somewhat innocuously with a general malaise of fever, headache and fatigue, but is soon followed by intense stinging and burning pains arising on the skin. This is usually accompanied by local itching, skin hypersensitivity, or tingling. The outbreak

Case Of Angela

Words: Dr Julian JONAS Angela was a bubbly, sensitive and anxious eight-year-old whose parents first sought out homeopathic treatment for her about a year ago. A half-year earlier, she suddenly developed a throat clearing tic one evening while attending a children’s theatre programme. Over the next month, other tics, like eye blinking, mouth movements, high-pitched screams and

Preventative Medicine

Words: Dr Julian JONAS The outbreak of measles in California, USA, was reported with great alacrity in the mass media. This was a useful punctuation point for a campaign of the national medical and pharmaceutical industries to force multiple mandatory vaccinations nationwide as well as stigmatise those who withstood the pressure to participate. People are

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