Return Of The Native

Words: Dr Joseph KELLERSTEIN Her mom was quite exasperated when she spoke to me. I can understand why. “Sophia has two definite sides to her personality. She is five, but acts like three, especially at home. On the other hand, she is quick to anger and that anger becomes a rage. Her face will flush

Of Moody Blues & Backache

Words: Dr Joseph KELLERSTEIN Olga presented with a chief complaint of mild, but persistent, depression of five years’ duration. Sulphur 10M was given and she reports feeling much relief in that department within 2-3 days, but this week there was a return of her old back pain, but with tremendous severity. The pain was so

Of Grief & Bad Back

Words: Dr Joseph KELLERSTEIN Denise is a southern belle, if there ever was one. At least she sounds that way on the ’phone. That’s the nature of our relationship. We have not met in person. She has been seen by a good homeopathic practitioner locally who referred her because he was having trouble. This 69-year-old

Foot… Good As New

Words: Dr Joseph KELLERSTEIN Studying the homeopathic Materia Medica — the scientific compilation of remedial substances used in the practice of homeopathic medicine — can seem like spending time playing video games. You think you’re making it to the next level, but really it’s only a fantasy. Well, just get one severe case of infectious

‘Air In The Head’

Words: Dr Joseph KELLERSTEIN Elderly patients always seemed tricky regarding their reporting and response to treatment. Either I could not get a clear case, or there were so many aggravating factors that characterising the illness was difficult. Give them a remedy and when assessing the follow-up carefully there is either no clear response, or it

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