1 Year: A Recap

Words: Dr Barbara ETCOVITCH

It’s difficult, but also exciting, to believe that ThinkWellness360 is one-year-old. Time flies, yes. As I now reflect on the past year, I realise that it has been my privilege to create in words a comprehensive selection of articles on the many fascinating aspects of classical homeopathy.

All my articles, through the year, have been dedicated to describing a specific facet of the ‘science’ of homeopathy and intended to challenging readers to seeing health and ‘dis-ease’ in a different light.

The following is a quick recap of the most important information contained in a selection of these articles.

‘All About Classical Homeopathy:’ July 3, 2022

The Doctrine of ‘Like Cures Like’

Homeopathy is based on the ‘Law of Similars,’ the idea that ‘like cures like.’ According to this doctrine, a substance that can produce symptoms in a healthy person can, likewise, ‘cure’ those same symptoms in a sick individual.

In order to do this, homeopathy matches the symptom-picture produced by an ill-patient to the symptom-picture of a homeopathic remedy that has been determined through controlled and extensive ‘provings’ on healthy human subjects.

The approach of homeopathy, therefore, is contrary to that of conventional or ‘allopathic,’ Western medicine, which works through the opposites and supresses symptoms.

A keen recognition and thorough understanding of symptoms holds the key to a successful diagnosis and subsequent treatment in homeopathy.

Contrary to modern medicine, homeopathy does not diagnose these outward, or presenting, symptoms as the illness, but sees symptoms as a clear attempt of the body’s vital force, or guiding energy to making its imbalance known.

In a healthy person, the vital force maintains normal growth and co-ordination of all organic functions. If this force is disturbed by things, such as injuries, exposure, climatic conditions, violent emotions, dietary indiscretions, etc., the organism becomes imbalanced and sickness, or disharmony, of function results. This disharmony is manifested through symptoms which are simply deviations from the normal.

The homeopath determines the ‘totality’ of the symptoms — the physical, emotional/psychic and the mental/spiritual symptoms of an individual taken together — and, the remedy that ‘resonates,’ or is most similar to the imbalance is given in order to address and cure the underlying cause.

‘The Predisposed State:’ July 17, 2022

We Are Susceptible To Different Things

Each species, among animals, developed peculiarities of its own, which differentiate it from other species. These peculiarities allow it to adapt and withstand certain influences and to hold its own under adverse conditions — this would be fatal to other species. Conversely, certain animals are susceptible to a certain set of influences as much as they are adaptable to certain influences.

It follows, therefore, that not everyone is susceptible to, or affected by the same illnesses. Not everyone resonates with the same negative influences.

Susceptibility is the expression of a void within the individual. The void, or vacuum, attracts what it lacks and needs and it attracts to things that are on the same vibrational plane as the needs in the body.

‘Case-Taking: Totality & Timeline:’ February 27, 2022

When a clear symptom-picture is present, the skilled homeopath begins their exploration into the totality of the patient’s physical, mental and emotional profile from the past and present as well as their unique inheritance as presented in ‘miasms’ through ancestral traumas which give us a personal predisposition towards certain illnesses — this also includes predisposing factors, causes, triggers, etc.

Homeopathy views imbalance, or severance, of a ray, or rays, in the vital force, or guiding energy. This disconnection, or dissociation parallels a severance of the earthly from the divine state of being. As a person moves through time from conception to birth onwards, they ‘lug’ their constitutional totality with which they came into this world, along with ancestral inheritances.

The true totality, therefore, must be understood as a series of occurrences, a timeline, a canvas upon which all that is and has been personally, or ancestrally experienced, is written.

‘Healing & Transformation:’ May 22, 2022

The Holistic Experience

The holistic experience is outside linear time and three-dimensional space. There are no building blocks of matter; rather, the universe is an inseparable whole — a vast web of interacting, interweaving possibilities.

Since we are an inseparable part of that whole, we can enter into a [w]holistic state of being, become the whole and tap into the creative powers of the universe to instantaneously heal, anyone, anywhere.

Summary: What It Means To Heal

To heal is to make whole — to become closer to wholeness and holiness.

Illnesses are always the bearer of information. They show us where we have wandered from our true path; they compel us to leave our false path and to ask questions.

Healing consists of freeing the information contained in the illness. Healing is bound up with the process of becoming conscious.

Pain comes to us all to teach us life’s lessons, to focus our soul on what is precious in life. Illness is there to allow us the privilege of finding out where we went wrong and why.

Homeopathy is based on true universal healing principals. Dr Samuel Hahnemann, MD, the founder of homeopathy, followed the thinking of the mystics and recognised that there is an invisible force. He named the ‘vital force’ that animates all living things. All illnesses arise form imbalance in the vital force. And, all illness must be eradicated with homeopathic medicines/remedies that are in themselves energetic in origin.

Information As Medicine

Healing takes pace by providing the information the organism lacks. The homeopathic remedy represents a little more of the same information the organism is trying to process in order to regain health. Once this information is provided in a coded energetic form, the vital force is stimulated to complete what it has begun and achieves optimal balance.


The rebalanced vital force attains a higher level of being, or consciousness. In this respect, homeopathy is transformational — it liberates the organism to a slightly higher state of awareness.

Dr BARBARA ETCOVITCH is a Classical Homeopath, Interfaith Minister, freelance writer, and lecturer. She has a BA from Sir George Williams University, a MA in Literature from the University of Ottawa, Canada, and a Diploma in Classical Homeopathy from the School of Homeopathy, Devon, England. She was ordained by the All Faiths Seminary International in New York City in 2004. She has been in homeopathic practice for 30+ years treating human and animals alike, from her office in Montreal, Canada, and worldwide via Skype.

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