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Words: Dr Joette CALABRESE

Well, they’re at it again. And, early this year. News outlets all over are screaming from the rooftops: “Flu Warning. This year will be much worse than others.”

Yeah, right. I’m pretty sure they say that every year. In fact, wasn’t last year supposed to be the ‘Winter of Death’?

I’m not worried. Homeopathy is standing by, ready for any eventuality, or severity, of flu. It will help you determine whether you’re dealing with the flu, or something else.

There are various homeopathic remedy choices to consider for use after you determine if you’re battling the flu, cold, or an allergy.

However, I’ve recently been receiving questions about methods for increasing immunity in advance of flu season, also known as homeoprophylaxis — using homeopathy as a prophylactic. So, let’s discuss that a bit.

There are several homeopathic medicines that you may see recommended for flu — homeoprophylaxis — depending on the homeopath. But, in recent years, I have found success with the method my good friend Dr Joe De Livera, otherwise known as ‘Joepathy,’ espouses.

The ‘Joepathy’ prophylactic for flu is Eupatorium perfoliatum 200C, one dose daily. However, his technique differs slightly from our usual method of popping a few pillules in the mouth.

Dr Joe De Livera, a homeopath for decades, and now at the age of 92, recommends placing one dose of Eupatorium 200C in about two cups of water. I use a 16-ounce water bottle with a wee bit of water emptied out to create space. Then, I drop in one dose of the Eupatorium 200C and shake the bottle ten times before sipping one teaspoon each day.

The next question I’m usually asked is, “So, do we keep utilising this Eupatorium prophylactic throughout the entire flu season?”

In general, I say no but that doesn’t mean it’s the only way to approach this. Let me start with this. As always, homeopathy is a medicine, not supplement, or vitamin. It is to be employed prudently — when needed. 

More Not Necessarily Better

In homeopathy, more is not necessarily better. The right number of days and the right number of doses is ‘just right.’

So, out of respect for the power of our medicines, I would not begin a regimen of Eupatorium, right now, just because I saw a flu warning in the general media. Taking a prophylactic in September to avoid a potential flu virus in November would be overkill.

I might possibly begin if the flu presented in my area… in earnest. But, most likely, I would not start until it became a true personal concern. For instance, if one of my family members came down with the flu and it was a pretty bad case, I would certainly consider beginning Eupatorium homeoprophylaxis for my family.

In other words, I would wait until there was a real reason to begin the medicine. I would not use it just to be proactive.

Be Practical

Being ‘proactive,’ in my view, is not necessarily a good word when it comes to healthcare. It leads people to believe that they need to run to the doctor, the dentist, or the urgent care for every this, that, or the other thing. It encourages folks to indulge in test after test after test.

I disagree.

It is my belief that X-rays, mammograms, colonoscopies, etc., are useful as diagnostics when there are symptoms present. Not ‘just because…’ One could go crazy trying to be proactive with conventional medicine. I’ve observed the fallout from this, time and again.

But, the same thing can happen with overusing homeopathy. We don’t need to be taking our medicines willy-nilly.

As the distinguished homeopath Dr Prasanta Banerji often said to his patients, “Take your illness in stride. Don’t point it out to yourself. Let it roll off your back. Otherwise, we will carry the burdens of the world.”

So, assume that you’re going to be just fine. You probably will be. But, if the flu arises — or, any other condition, for that matter — you are well-armed to avert, or combat, it with homeopathy.

Dr JOETTE CALABRESE, HMC, CCH, RSHom [NA], is a distinguished American homeopath, public speaker, and author. This article is published with especial thanks to ©Dr Joette Calabrese.

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