The EPI3-LASER Study For Homeopathy

Words: E R ROBERTS et al 

Observational studies provide researchers, clinicians and patients with valuable, clinically relevant information on how a treatment performs in the real world. For homeopathy, there is a small, yet highly relevant, body of such evidence supporting the usefulness of homeopathic treatment, especially in Europe. Here we summarise the results of a large-scale population- based observational study in France, assessing homeopathy provided in primary care. The EPI3-LASER study assessed 8,559 patients, treated by 825 general physicians [GPs], for musculoskeletal disorders; sleep, anxiety and depressive disorders; and, upper respiratory tract infections. Patients treated by GPs certified in homeopathy were found to have similar clinical outcomes to patients using conventional medicine alone, but with reduced use of conventional drugs and at 20 per cent lower overall cost. Use of gold standard scientific methodology ensures that these results — identifying potential benefits of homeopathy as part of an integrated healthcare model — are reliable, generalisable and, most importantly, clinically meaningful.

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