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Words: Dr Joette CALABRESE

Hey, moms, everywhere… Are you tired of using drugs that just don’t work?  And, what’s worse, each medication comes with a slew of detrimental side-effects; all kept on the down low with that teeny, tweeny fine print. We should prick up our ears wherever there’s fine print. That’s where the most invaluable information resides.

Most folks forget that the human body is a miraculous machine and that our children are actually capable of great resilience and healing facility. Over-the-counter [OTC] and prescribed medications suppress these abilities. This explains why when antibiotics and other drugs are used to ‘control’ or ‘manage’ symptoms of one illness, another, more sobering illness, or worsening of the first illness usually follows close behind. Indeed, ear infections frequently return after antibiotic and acetaminophen [paracetamol] are used.

So, if you’re tired of these drugs, you’re in good company. Moms throughout the US and the world are tired too. And, they’re turning to homeopathy. It’s a centuries-old method that empowers mothers.

In fact, nearly four million US adults and about 900,000 children use homeopathic remedies each year.

Moms today are gaining that much-needed confidence to treat themselves and family for simple first-aid and common illnesses, such as colds, flus, ear infections, pink eye and more with homeopathy.

And, why not?!

No Side-Effects 

Homeopathic remedies, unlike conventional medications, do not carry side-effects and even though they’re regulated by the Food and Drug Administration [FDA], you will not find that ominous small print, or warning of dangers. That’s because there aren’t any. As long as the remedies are used as directed, they act gently and politely.

Moreover, though there are thousands of single homeopathic remedies on the market, not one has ever been removed by the FDA, because of detrimental effects. This speaks loudly for homeopathy’s safety, particularly since these remedies have been regulated by the government since the FDA’s inception in the 1940s.

So, just how do these reputable, homeopathic remedies work? Simply put, our body is capable of coming to balance [health], if given the correct stimulus. This is achieved by using a remedy that is chosen not for the disease, but rather the person who is experiencing the disease.

This means that the choice is specifically tailored to the person.

Let’s say three children, who are in school together get a fever. Although it may seem that they’ve all gotten the same ‘bug,’ in reality they each present with fever differently. One child might get a 104°C fever with febrile delusions and panic, requiring the remedy, Belladonna 30C. Another might have a fever of 101°C, a stomach ache and clinginess, which would lead to a sure choice of Pulsatilla nigricans 30C.  Yet another child might be chilly, angry and have diarrhoea with his fever. This child would profit from Nux vomica 30C.

By stimulating the body’s ability to bring itself to economy, each of these youngsters will not only resolve the fever within hours, or a day, or so, but they’ll also be left in a better state than before the fever presented.

And, if the child is prone to fevers, they will be less likely to have another in the near future. However, if the illness is repeated, that same remedy will often work again. Generally, the body will resolve the propensity for this illness and it will likely not return.

Why wouldn’t a mom want homeopathy in her house? What could be better than ridding a child of their fever, not by suppressing it and inviting the illness to return later, but by removing it gently, safely and without ever having had to leave the safety of your own home?

Self-sufficiency is a goal many of us want to attain. Homeopathy is the ultimate road towards self-sufficiency. I invite you to join me and the millions of others who have eliminated the danger of superfluous drugs with safe and powerful homeopathic remedies. They offer the promise of restorative health.

Simple, Inexpensive Medicine 

Do you clamour for simple, inexpensive, cartel-free medicine? Medicine of the values of age-old trust and good, continual worth?

I did. But, it wasn’t until after suffering from chronic fatigue, debilitating allergies and anxiety attacks, that I found this genuine medicine. How unlike my ancestors I was?!

My Sicilian grandmothers believed you went to the hospital to die. They ‘birthed’ their babies at home, treated colds and flu with a good dose of sweat, sleep and garlic and nursed their big families through many ills, without the aid of doctors, clinics, hospitals and drugs.

As for me, after relying too long on modern-day ‘McMedicine,’ I finally grasped that drugs dole out detrimental side-effects that made me sick.

The reason for this is that they suppress our body’s ability to address the problem and drive the disease to a deeper level.

Yes, conventional drugs cause illness instead of removing it.

So, how could I re-gain robust health and confidently treat my family, while avoiding the dangers of drugs?

The answer was simple. I learned homeopathy.

I came to this by way of my illness and I finally realised that the only person looking out for my family and me is ‘Me.’

The human body is a miraculous machine. It’s capable of great resilience and healing ability, often in spite of our abuses. Once I experienced the gentle, yet powerful curative action of homeopathy, I was hooked.

At first, I learned enough to treat my family with homeopathy and then I committed to going to school to become a homeopath. Now, I’ve been helping others for over 20 years, and I’ve also been able to bring robust health to my family and teach others how to do the same.

We’re a drug-free family. No, I don’t mean we sometimes use them, I mean that my family of five has never ever used an antibiotic, analgesic, or any other allopathic drug in over 24 years.

Bronchitis? No problem: Antimonium tartaricum.

Knee injury? Why, it’s just Arnica montana.

Flu? Oscillococcinum.

It’s often that easy.

I want all moms to be hooked. Because, whoever you are, you too can cure your family with homeopathy.

And, you will not be alone. Homeopathy is used throughout the world by millions: doctors, hospitals, monasteries, moms at home, and all those are who tired of medications that only and most certainly cause further ailments.

So, what is homeopathy? It’s a well-established form of medicine, dating back to an 18th century. It’s based on the principle called the ‘Law of Similars,’ that ‘like cures like.’ It’s simple. If a substance, poison ivy, for example, causes a certain type of rash for a healthy person, then the homeopathic poison ivy, Rhus toxicodendron [which is a highly diluted and concussed version], can bring about a cure for a sick person who is experiencing a similar rash. So, it’s a perfect choice for ‘similar’ illnesses, such as chicken pox, or eczematous rash.

Like Heals Like 

The compelling premise behind homeopathy is that there is a mechanism in each of us which is capable of coming to balance, if given the correct stimulus. This is achieved by using a homeopathic remedy that is chosen not for the illness, or disease, but rather the person who is experiencing the illness, or disease.

Homeopathy treats the individual, and not just the pathology.

Symptoms are the outward expression on the inner disease; hence, symptoms are of value in determining the appropriate homeopathic remedy. And, once the symptoms are gathered, a remedy is chosen using the symptoms as indicators. You don’t treat the symptoms. You don’t manage illness; you resolve it. Another way to put it? You cure the person. You uproot the propensity for the return of the illness.

Moreover, homeopathy is inexpensive medicine.

So, if you pride yourself in being frugal, tenacious and autonomous, and if you love being in control of taking care of your family’s well-being, and if you get a thrill out of learning a skill that will serve you and your family for generations, then this medicine, called homeopathy, is the method of care for you.

Dr JOETTE CALABRESE, HMC, CCH, RSHom [NA], is a distinguished American homeopath, public speaker, and author. This article is published with especial thanks to ©Dr Joette Calabrese.

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