Ayurveda In Health & Illness

Ayurveda In Health

Words: Dr Deep Narayan PANDEY Ayurveda places a profound emphasis on daily intake of fruits — such as amalaki, dadim and draksha — by making them nityasevaneeya [part of regular diet]. Risk reductions for total mortality in the order of 35 per cent — and, specifically of 27 per cent to 39 per cent for

COVID-19: The Ayurvedic Perspective

Ayurveda against COVID-19

Words: Dr Deep Narayan PANDEY There are elaborate descriptions of the causation and management of epidemics [janapadodhwamsa], in Ayurveda classics, although clinical profiling of COVID-19 is necessary to provide preventative and therapeutic insights. Research efforts have now established clinical profile, although there is no unanimity as yet. One of the most important efforts by a

7 Shields Of Ayurveda

7 Shields Of Ayurveda

Words: Dr Deep Narayan PANDEY Global health challenges are increasing. So are the costs. Despite progress in healthcare, the world is far from achieving health-related sustainable development goals. Is there an answer to this global crisis? Yes, possibly. We propose that the seven shields of Ayurveda can, indeed, help reduce the years lived in morbidity

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