‘Mind Your Body. Bend Your Mind’

Radhika SHARMA responds to ThinkWellness360 questionnaire. 

Your view on beauty? 

Beauty, it is rightly said, is not physicality, or good looks, alone. It is, indeed, a quirk, or fallacy, that we often relate to external beauty as alluring, which it is certainly not. Most folks describe their self-worth based primarily on their outward appearance — one that is bound to change with time, or age. Beauty, in my view, is something intrinsic, or ‘bespoke’ — it corresponds to beauty that mirrors not just your character, but also your personality. The more you hone its inner mien, the more your persona shines through within and without. This, in turn, makes you perceive beauty in things that you never thought of seeing before.

Your view of health and wellness? 

This is something we often disregard, with or without intent. When you take care of your health and wellness, it improves your life from the ground up. This encompasses of a few simple equations — doing physical activity, eating a balanced diet, taking care of your mind, as also doing things, like picking up an engaging hobby that suit your interests best. Well, this is something I often aim at and do — to maintaining my health and well-being.

Your ‘take’ on fitness? 

Fitness is not a sprint. It’s a lifelong marathon. It is something that you ought to — come what may — incorporate into your daily routine. It is just as imperative that you ‘tap’ and beat your first enemy, procrastination, when lethargy creeps in, to ‘fixate’ your mind-set, because a little seed of fruitless thought can bring you down, while a focused, fruitful thought, on the contrary, would only help you taste the pristine nature-nurtured fruit of life in the ‘bestest’ manner possible — to leading a healthy, active and a close-to stress-free life.

Your ‘take’ of work-life balance? 

Knowing your priorities that add value to your life, while keeping some of the most common pitfalls in check, are just as important as exercise and balanced diet. When you work mindfully, you experience fulfilment in every sphere of life that you value deeply. I agree that it isn’t easy to managing your priorities, but it is essential to know that being balanced doesn’t always mean that everything in life is flowing like a calm rivulet. It’s okay, if you feel like you are getting lost in chaos, so long as you are able to hold onto your reins, while bringing your life’s equilibrium back on track. What matters most is that you are giving your best and this is just good enough at the end of the day.

Your mantra to beat stress? 

My mantra to beating stress is having the moral, or upright, freedom to choosing my responsibilities. I always make it a point to keeping my mind and body in balance and not allowing them to wobble at trifles, or every day hassles. Yet another thing that helps me most is decluttering my mind with meditation, journaling, painting, or anything that seamlessly, also harmoniously, ‘minds my body and bends my mind,’ while allowing me to seeing things with a clear perspective.

RADHIKA SHARMA is a mass media [undergrad] student. Her big dream: to be a movie director of the top draw. She presently lives in Mumbai.

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