‘Ayurveda Has Given Me Everything’

Dr Deepak KADIYALI responds to ThinkWellness360 questionnaire. 

Why and how did you think of becoming a doctor? 

It was my parents’ dream. They wished that I followed my grandpa’s footsteps.

What made you think of, study and specialise in the system of medicine you now practice?

My grandfather was an Ayurveda physician. He was my inspiration — this was what that led me to uphold his impressive tradition and become an Ayurveda physician.

What has been your personal and professional experience as a doctor?

Ayurveda has given me what I always wanted as a profession, or career. It has made me stick to my ‘roots’ too. What’s more, it has made me connect with my patients — and, help them to overcome their illnesses in the best manner possible, safely, gently, and without harm.

What unique and special skills you think you have that has made the big difference for your patients?

The ability to convince my patients — a majority of them — to follow my line of treatment.

What is your best definition of optimal wellness and why?

Being happy with oneself in the mind, body and spirit.

Your ‘best’ case?

My ‘best’ cases are related to infertility — I’ve had a good success rate with them through Ayurveda treatment.

Your ‘not-so-good’ case?

Possibly, diabetes. I often find patients’ compliance, also lack of patience, a major hitch for treatment, not to speak of results.

What appeals to you the most?

Anything that I can trust appeals to me — no more, no less. 

What annoys you the most?

Lies, fanaticism and deception annoy me the most.

Your favourite book?

Bhagavad Gita.

Your favourite joke? 

Most jokes; I also love Charlie Chaplin as the endearing Tramp in all his movies.

Your favourite song?

I love Carnatic classical music.

Your favourite movie?

Milana [2007; Puneet Rajkumar/Pooja Gandhi/Parvathy/Prakash].

Your favourite TV, Netflix show?

I don’t follow any TV/Netflix show.

Your other interests, or hobbies?

Singing, listening to music, spending quality time with my family, or anything that adds value to me and my time the best.

Your goal in life?

Be happy and make others happy. Treat my patients’ illnesses and other concerns to the best of my ability and keep scaling up my clinical and other skills at every step.

Dr DEEPAK KADIYALI, BAMS, PGCPK, MBA, is Managing Partner and Production Manager at Disha Ayurveda Pharmacy, Aruru, Udupi. He practices Classical Ayurveda and Panchakarma at Tunga Clinic, Subhasnagara and Ayurdhara, Ayurveda Panchakarma Chikitsalaya, Kadiyali, Udupi, Karnataka, India.

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